Tuesday 24 September 2013

My Current Skincare Routine | Extras

So this post is the end of my skincare routine. These products are the extra steps I take when I feel my skin needs them.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask ~

This mask is perfect if you have deep pores like I do which sometimes can get congested and plain right disgusting! For a charcoal mask the smell is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I like using this at night time and I usually use it at least once a week, because as I said I need to keep clearing my pores. If your pores are not that bad you wouldn't have to use as often. I love this mask because unlike other face masks I've tried, when you take it off, your skin is firm and so smooth but not that horrible tight feeling you experience with a lot of face masks. I usually focus this product on my nose, cheeks and chin. I really love this mask and after two weeks of using this I noticed much clearer pores and with continual use I have seen a huge improvement. 



Sudocrem ~

Now this is going to seem odd for a few of you reading this but let me tell you this Little gem is a life saver.  In Ireland this is known to heal pretty much anything & and you can be sure every household has this in their cupboard. Its an anti-septic cream which makes its powerful. If I have a spot coming I will dab some of this on and in the morning the redness and bump will be near to nothing. Also As strange as this sounds an occasional evening I use the what we like to call sudocream face mask ha ha, I only use this extreme measure when my skin is just a complete mess. I will apply the cream to my face and massage it in. I wait about 2 hours, usually have a cuppa and see whats on the Tv. After having a relax most of the cream has sinked into my skin but if not you can either wash off or keep massaging until all the cream has sinked into your skin. Trust me this may seem strange but it really works.

So finally that's all the products I use in my skincare routine, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

What do you use in your skincare routine?


  1. I was a little confused when I saw the sudocrem I won't lie, but in reading what you said it actually makes a lot of sense! I am going to pick some of this up and try this! :D
    I love a lot of the products you blog about so will definitely be following you! :)


  2. It really is amazing, Glad you liked it! :) Xx

  3. Great post! I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my recent blog! Go check it out! :)


  4. Sudocrem is such a little wonder product! I love the stuff, like Vaseline too. Not very glamorous but they are so effective!
    Hope you're well?
    Laura xx


    1. Very effective exactly!!
      I'm very good thanks, hope your well also :)

      Thanks for reading!