Friday 15 November 2013

My Favourite Drug Store Base November '13 | Revlon

Revlon Colourstay Foundation ~

 You are probably all thinking you are so late on the bandwagon with this one and I know I truly am. But I always walked past this foundation in boots and never gave it much thought until recently. I was at the Revlon stand at the lipsticks when I decided to have a look at their foundations. This is where my dizzy head comes into play though, I had my boyfriend with me who was getting slightly tried of walking around boots so I decided to hurry up in picking the last few bits up. I picked this foundation in the colour "Ivory" and headed for the tills.

The next day I was dying to try this so I applied it and LOVED it would be an understatement! It look so amazing on my face and the finish is beautiful. I took a second look at the bottle and I had actually picked up the one for normal to dry skin one and immediately could have face palmed myself! I have really oily skin lately so I thought this would be a disaster, but I had no time to take it off and re-apply something. So I finished my makeup and headed out.

When I got in after quite a busy day running around doing various things I was pleasantly surprised at how well this foundation had lasted on my face. I wasn't a grease ball and my face actually looked the very near same to what I had looked like that morning.  This baffles me still? I'm tempted to pick up the formula for oily skin to see what the difference is? If anyone has tried both please leave a comment  because I'd love to know what other people think.

The texture of this foundation is really nice, its feels very soft and velvet. I apply this with my fingers as I just find it quick and easy but I think this foundation would work really well with a brush also!

All in all, I really love this foundation despite my worries it has really impressed me. I would really recommend this if your looking for a new base, I wear this now as my everyday foundation. They have a good shade selection and a formula for every skin type!

Have you tried ColourStay?
What did you think?

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hey guys, so firstly I have been away for so so long, and trust me it has been driving me crazy! I started college in October and ever since I have been super busy. Finally I have settled in and got a routine back! So sorry guys but I'm back now :)

So its that time of season to do the Autumn Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Kammi, make sure to get check her Autumn tag out and also her blog is really nice and a really good read with a cuppa ~ blog

So lets get on with the questions...

Favourite thing about Autumn?

My favourite thing about Autumn is the feeling of getting cosy, wrapping up in cosy jumpers and cardigans. There's nothing better than getting cosy on the couch watching tv or reading a good book.

Favourite drink?

Its pretty common but my favourite drink (while it is out) is Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte, I love this stuff and try to get as many as I can because Starbucks only has them on sale for a short time. But when i cant get this my next option which is equally as delicious is a nice hot Chai Latte, all the flavour's in these drinks just get me in the mood for Christmas haha!

Favourite scented candle?

I love  any cinnamon scented candles, as you can probably tell by now I like the taste and smell of different spices so anything spicy I love but I especially love a good cinnamon candle!

Favourite Lippy?

When Autumn comes around I'm so ready for the transition in my everyday makeup! I swap my nudes and peaches for plums & berry's. My favourite everyday plum lipstick is Plumful by Mac!

Go to moisturiser?

Well lately I have been getting really oily around my nose and chin, so seen though its getting colder my skin is not getting any dryer so I still use my Favourite moisturiser, Clinque's Dramatically different moisturising gel!

Go to colour for eyes?

My favourite colours this time of year like my lipsticks is berry/purple's but I tend not to year them both at the same time so if i have a berry toned eye, ill go for a nude lip. My favourite shade on the eye is Cranberry by Mac, its one of those shades that suits everyone!

Favourite music to listen to?

My music doesn't really change in autumn but at the moment I'm loving Ben Howard & Bon Iver. Their music chills me out so much :)

Favourite outfit to wear?

I don't really have a favourite outfit but I wear my tartan scarf and black boots to death so they would have to be my favourite!

Autumn Treat?

For my it's buying lots of cosy jumpers and some really nice coffee!

Favourite place to be?

This answer will probably sound like my favourite thing about autumn, but I really love feeling cosy on the couch reading, or knitting which is a random hobby I have recently got into haha granny material in the making!

Well that's all the questions answered, I hope you liked them! Thanks again to Kammi for tagging me!

I'm tagging everyone & anyone who wants to do this, even just answer the questions in a comment because I'd love to hear your Autumn tag answers!

Thanks for reading!


1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?

1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?
1 – Favourite thing about Autumn?