Thursday 7 August 2014

#bodyUNashamed | Breaking Negative Body Image Piece By Piece

So this post will not be about beauty or another product I'm obsessed with, this post is going to be about something that is real and I can guarantee you can relate to. Recently in the media, and also personal social media's there are people who think they can say what they want and spread their unwanted nasty opinions of other people freely, and this is NOT OK! Body shaming/bashing is something I have come to witness a lot lately and to be quite honest is gets me so wound up every day.  (While this post is mainly discussing body image in relation to women, I am fully aware this happens with males too, but because I really don't know much about how it effects males, I think I will leave that up to the male bloggers to share their opinion on the matter.)

As a plus size girl I know how hard it is for girls like myself to be confident and to be body proud as we see everyday in magazines and TV these idealized picture perfect women who we are "supposed" to conform into. until recently I would have said to be bigger person in this society is one of the worst positions to be in, but I have also witnessed body bashing onto naturally skinny women, the slogan I hear all the time is "Real" woman have curves. This sentence rattles my bones because every woman is a real woman, we should all be in unity against the image we are supposed to have but rather than woman helping other woman when media bashes our size and looks, woman turn on women and because of this we have people with low self esteem and extreme body issues.

 I brought this topic to a number of my friends of different sizes & looks and they all had something they didn't like about themselves while all I could see was they were all flawless. this proves that none of us know the next persons story or feelings towards their own image.

This is were #bodyUNashamed comes in, the gorgeous Penny from  @lilliesandlove
started this project about people coming together and sharing positive body image and about women being positive about one another. The media will never change there will always be a certain type they will put in to the public's eye but if this project can get everyday women to spread good words about each other and for women to look at themselves in a positive way, I think this in itself is a huge success.  

                                       ( Image source - Beautiful-body-types )

As part of this post we were giving another blogger to write about, we were asked to write three things about this person we think are great, the blogger I was giving was @NickiKinickie :)

Now I could write a whole post on how this girl is amazing and great but I will list three, I went through her blog and social media sites and really found a true gem.  Nicki is an amazing lifestyle blogger who writes really interesting post about everything she feels she has an opinion on, She is a mum and wife and has two adorable bunnies (I want one now after seeing them!) As I was going through some of her posts I could really relate to the situations she was writing about, I loved her post on friendship, how they can come in and out of your life, it's a brilliant read I would definitely recommend it! So as I was learning more about Nicki, I was sad I hadn't found her sooner. 

The three things that I think are great about Nicki are:

1 - Nicki has gorgeous eyes, its the first thing I see when I look at people. And on a side note I wish I had her eyeliner skills!!

2- I love her passion when she introduces her blog in her YouTube introduction video, you can tell she writes about stuff she genuinely has an interest in and I think when you can give your honest opinion, it's a big thing in the blogging world. 

3 - I am in love with Nicki's hair, I think it suits her face so much and the cut & length is just fab!

The second part of this post was to wrote three things about ourselves we thought were amazing which like most women I find hard to do but here's what I came up with:

1 - I like my smile, I have straight enough teeth and I like to smile, I think it can turn a bad day into a good one. 

2 -  I love my pale skin, I embrace the pale!

3-  And finally I like my eye colour, it can change depending on what light I'm in.

I'm still on a long road to loving myself and accepting my body image,  but changing your hate towards your body image is the first step you have to take and I encourage all of you to think of three things you think are great about yourself :)

Well that was my #bodyUNashamed post, and I really hope you took something from this. I hope now when your on social media and see a nasty comment or someone body bashing you will write a comment and use the hashtag #bodyUnashamed because we need to work together and spread POSITIVE body image!