Friday, 13 September 2013

Mac Haul | It's All About The Eyes!

 So as the title suggests, this is a Mac haul which includes products for the eyes!

I have wanted to make up my own Mac pallete for ages and not only are they super handy in the quad but they are actually better for money! I wanted a pallete that I could put in my makeup bag and create a simple casual look , and also the size I choose is perfect for it to be used as a travel pallete.

I got the Pro colour x4 compact (Quad) Ive been searching for what colours I wanted for ages and these were my favourite for the looks I go for!

I got :

All that Glitters

Amber Lights


These colours are so nice, and you can have loads of variations, they have really good pigmentation an blend really nicely. 

While on this this trip to Mac, I decided to get the brush that everyone talks about when the talk of eye makeup brushes, The 217 brush. I can completely confirm the hype is totally worth it, if your crap at blending colours in your crease then get this brush because it really does the work for you! It makes you look like you created an amazing skilled eye look when really you were just hoping for the best! 

Have you tried any Mac Eyeshadows?
What did you think? 


  1. That cranberry colour looks to die for! I might have to lose my Mac virginity, haha x

    1. Sarah its so pretty, really looks amazing this time of year! I would definitely lose it haha! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! :)