Tuesday 2 July 2013

June Favourites '13

So Its a few days late, but here are the products that I have been loving in June!

First up is a Moisturizer

Its the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat
This helps with anti-shine and anti-enlarged pores. Its also Paraben Free.

This moisturizer is amazing for people with oily to combo skin. It really does do what it says on the tin. I find that when it dries in your skin its so strange in a good way that it matafies your skin, but not so much that it dries your skin out. I found this looked amazing under my foundation and it kept shine down, no visable pores and its oil controlling power is amazing! Would highly recomend this to anyone who has oily skin and is looking for something to help with oil control and shine.

Next up is a blush by Benefit - Coralista

This is my favourite blush all the time but I found myself picking this up all this month. As the name suggests is a coral shade, once applied to the cheeks its give a lovely coral shade with a hint of a shimmer. it also give a lovely highlight when in flash camera pictures! I think this would suit most skin tones. It also smells so tropical its divine!

Next is Balmi (Strawberry)

When on one of my many stops in boots i was looking around my favourite aisle ~ The lip product aisle I spotted this little gem. Its a really good dupe for the EOS Balms but a quater of the price!
I got the strawberry flavour and you could really eat it, it smells that amazing! Not only does it smell nice and look super cute, its an excellent lip balm, super duper moisturising and a long laster! LOVE THIS!

Next up is Garnier Eye Roll On

I discovered this little beauty at the start of the month. I have never been in to eye care but i decided to give myself a kick and get into action. This is so soothing under the eyes! On the packaging its says that its for anti-bags and to stop the look of tiredness. It also helps with drainage because of the rolling motion. This is so simple to use, shake it and then just roll! the metal applicator at the top in the bit i personally love because its so cold, its soothes the eyes amazingly! From using this i have noticed a really big difference under the eyes, I'm really impressed with this product!

Sticking with the eye theme next is Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator

This product is amazing for concealing under eyes! It hides bags and black circles while illuminating in the rights areas to make you look awake and heatlhy looking. I have got so many complimnets when wearing this!  Will definitely be sticking with the product.

Last but not least a haircare product, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (Colour) Deep Treatment.

This is a deep treatmnet conditioner for the hair. I love using this when my hair is in a good need of a boost! I leave this in for 3 minutes before washing out and my hair once dried is so soft and so healthy looking. As this is for coloured hair it also helps with the up keep of your coloured hair because coloured hair needs that extra bit of nourishmnet which is a great help! They also do one for non coloured hair! As if I need another reason to love this product but the bottle is super handy in the shower as the product comes out from the bottom once squeezed!

 That's all for my June Favourites! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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