Tuesday 30 July 2013

Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire Review

We all know that the French have their skin care perfected down to a tee. The skincare that you find in their pharmacies are better than our High end skincare. Bioderma is a Micellaire solution/water. This product has become very hyped over the last few years in the beauty blogger world, so here's my opinion on it!

First of all with all skincare, some will love and some will hate. The most important thing about skincare is, it takes up to six weeks for you to notice a difference after introducing something new in your skincare routine. So don't expect any skincare product to work its magic straight away. Also with the process of it working its magic, some times the product can break you out because this is your skins way of getting used to something new, so its not always that the new product is bad & breaking you out.

So on to Bioderma, I personally LOVE this stuff! It's quick and easy which is just my style. In the past my skincare has been rubbish. I just used makeup remover wipes to clean my face which is so so bad for your skin. Its only in recent years I have started to take care of my skin, YOU ONLY GET ONE SKIN! Bioderma is as quick as makeup remover wipes but its also really good for your skin. I use this before my cleanser to take the first layer of my makeup off, not that I layer on the makeup but a second cleanse with my cleanser will get rid of the rest. Bioderma is also amazing at taking off eye makeup, some people just use this as an eye makeup remover because it takes off waterproof makeup really well & fast. Its also gentle on the eye area.

I use this on oval cotton pads and I just wipe my face all over, it takes off makeup effortlessly. If I come in late from a night out and I just want to jump straight to bed, I use this and I don't wake up with a pillow full of makeup and a head full of guilt & shame that I didn't clean my face before i went to bed! There is no real fragrance to this product, so its perfect for people who are sensitive to smells or fragranced products.

I really cant fault this product at all, other than that its a bit difficult to get your hands on in Ireland. I order it off Ebay, but you can also get it on Le Guide Sante. You get 500ml of product in the bottle, which is quite a lot but it does go fast if you use it regularly which I do anyway! So go try this for yourself and you will see how amazing it is. Hope this review helped some of you that are thinking about getting Bioderma!

Have you tried Bioderma?
What did you think?

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